The best exercises for slimming the abdomen and the sides at home

The girl performs an exercise for slimming the abdomen

In the process of losing weight through a little bit of time to regular training, the body begins to acquire a certain form and is converted in way. In this article, we will explain and show you what exercises are you can clean the stomach and the mouth, including your name, the technical execution and the duration. In addition to revealing the secrets of how you can achieve results faster.

The truth, remove the fat from your body, which in some parts is not so easy. The areas are especially obvious when you put on the pants, since these folds, and they strive to get out of there. Drag the belly is still not also very successful. To get rid of them, it is necessary to reduce the total amount of fat in the body.

It's not worth becoming bitter, because in this article we tell you everything you need to know on how to reduce the excess of folds in the belly and the sides.

How to handle excess fat in the area of the waist

Perhaps at this time since you're visiting in the hot tub, trying to keep in calories and try to be active every day. But while in other places of your body, they come gradually in the form, sometimes you may even the most effective way to eliminate the stomach and the mouth, with great difficulty, allows you to get though some of the results.

The reason for this is that a number of physiological factors. The circulation of the blood, the rate of metabolism, the hormonal status and the consumption and/or calorie burning — all this affects the way in which it drains quickly the fat of the problematic areas.

Insulin resistance is the main cause of that many people, many of fat deposits on the sides and back.

Cortisol and insulin are the major hormones that contribute to the accumulation and retention of fat cells in the problem areas.

Studies have shown that in men, fat often accumulates in the abdomen, while in women in the hips and buttocks.

Cortisol, also known as the stress hormone in the body. When your level is high, the set of excess fatty tissue in problem areas occurs more quickly.

Insulin is a hormone that allows the sugar to penetrate the cells. After you've eaten something sweet, it will begin to produce insulin. We burn the fat in the area of the waistIt allows the sugar to penetrate the bloodstream and from there to the cells of the body, providing the energy needed for the normal functioning of all metabolic processes in the human body. If sugars a lot, then there is insulin resistance, which hinders the penetration of glucose in cells.

This energy, which has not been used correctly, and is deposited in the form of fat in all parts, and especially in the abdomen, around the waist, back, hips, and buttocks.

But don't lose hope, because we have collected the best ways for your body in order.

#1. Reset the excess weight

As mentioned above, the problem with the fat deposits on the sides and the belly are very stubborn. She clings to body, as a small child by his mother on the first day of kindergarten.Before and after training

To think is needed in the long term. The percentage of body fat should be no more than 12% for men and 17% for women, if this percentage is greater, then to handle with excess weight will be more difficult.

Not worth worrying about, where the fat was going in the first place, while not recommended range percent, it is important that you go.

Try to increase the quantity and improve the quality of sleep, if you want to lose weight in general. A study found that those who slept only five hours a night, had more abdominal fat than those who slept more than eight hours.

#2. Deficit of calories and nutrition

Let's be honest up front. Can you each day to maintain a deficit of calories? How do you know? You be careful with this one, or just a person guess?

The amount of calories consumed is the most important part on the way to the national liberation of the fat folds on the belly and sides, because without the negative effects of energy balance of all the fat accumulated in the body, there is no reason to burn.

When the compliance of the diet, the accumulated triglycerides in the fat cells are separated from free fatty acids, leaving to move in the parts of the cell that help burn to get energy.

As a result, the number of fat cells are reduced, and you lose weight.

Delete the sugar out of your diet, which will reduce the visibility of the folds of fat in the abdomen, the sides and the bottom of the back.

It was also discovered that the ingestion of large amounts of fructose (corn syrup, for example) increases the volume of the abdomen in general.

Also stay away from sugary drinks (soft drinks, for example), because they increase the fat deposits in the abdominal area. This includes diet soda which contains zero calories.

Healthy salad

Make sure that in the diet there is enough of the good fats which help get rid of stubborn fat in problem areas.

In the menu of each day there must be a sufficient amount of fiber. A study found that the increase in the consumption of soluble fiber in the 10 year to the day helps to get rid of almost the 4% of visceral fat in the abdomen.

To add more protein in your diet to get rid of the fat folds in the lower part of the back. One study showed that a diet with high protein content contributes to the reduction of the amount of folds in the stomach.

And last, but not least: reduce the amount of alcohol, which relates to the deposit of fat in the belly.

#3. Add in the diet of the products of the combustion of the fat

Caffeine is an essential nutrient in fighting the fat, as it promotes the development of a group of hormones called catecholamines. These include adrenaline and noradrenaline.

These hormones are necessary for the stimulation of receptors in the fat cells, increasing the rate of metabolism and the increased blood flow towards adipose tissue.

The intake of supplements of caffeine and other nutrient benefits of essential oils to combat the fat gives you a boost of energy in case of deficit of calories, attenuates the sensation of hunger and reduces the appetite, while at the same time cause the loss of fat through thermogenesis.

#4. Practice cardio

Try to be more active in everyday life. A study showed that every 15 minutes, the sedentary lifestyle leads to an increase of the circumference of the waist of 1.27 mm

Try to improve and increase the quality and quantity of sleep, if you want to lose weight in general. A study found that those who slept only five hours a night, it is more fat in the abdomen, than those who slept more than eight hours. Therefore asleep as it should be — clean the stomach and the mouth with the minimum of effort.

Before, very often, it was suggested that the cardio "makes the fat", because it burns muscle, and not the accumulated fatty acids. But it is not so.

If you have time, then it is best to add to your workout plan a bit of cardio of moderate intensity — jogging, biking, ultimate frisbee or dance. The girl performs the exercise with the dumbbellsThis will contribute to calorie burning and rescue of folds.

And if time is short, then best will be to try interval cardio training, where periods of high-intensity intervals of rest or recovery.

Both influence the total number of calories expended per day, help to produce physiological changes in the fat cells, which helps to get rid of the fat on the sides and belly.

It is not worth to forget about training, and it is the best alternative exercises for slimming the abdomen and hips at home with the usual cardio session.

#5. Perform the weight training

To clarify the situation, these exercises will not get rid of the body fat, if not there is a deficit of calories. And not magical poison, with which you will obtain a beautiful flat and the torso in the short term.

To start, select one of the list of physical exercises, that will pass. Absolutely all the exercises from the list below, can be performed at home. In the breaks between the training sessions you can ride a bicycle and for diversity.

Give preference to the high-intensity interval training. They give the maximum effect, when it comes to relief of fat and muscle building.

The complex of exercises for belly fat

It is not a program of daily exercise to burn more fat, it is better to devote himself to through the day, alternating with running for weight loss in the short term.

In every exercise devotes 30 seconds, try to comply with his slowly at first, paying attention to the details. It is recommended to perform these exercises in front of a mirror, to control the technical execution of the different movements. Don't forget to set intermediate and results in the weeks or do the photo.

1. Lifting legs wies

  • Approaches: 3-4
  • Repetition: 15-20

Locate the rail to the pull-up bar and let the body to freely hang in a straight line in the air. Bend your knees and lift above the hips.

Emphasis should be placed on the strengthening of the abdominal muscles, and not only in the rise of the hip.

2. Chin-ups

  • Approaches: 2-3
  • Repetition: 6-15

It is strange that sounds, but chin devoted in particular to the development of the abdominal muscles, especially at the time that you tighten your body up.

3. The twist Russian

  • Approaches: 3-4
  • Repetitions: 10 on each side of the
  1. Sit on the matt, bend your knees and get comfortable is a player, stretches the chest and shoulders to find a player.
  2. Hold a dumbbell with both hands, rotate the torso to the left and then to the right.
  3. Try to make sure that the knees are sustainable throughout the movement.
  4. To complicate this exercise, lift the legs up from the ground.

4. The mountaineer

  • Approaches: 3-4
  • Reps: 15 on each side of the

Take up a position as for push-ups. Lift the left knee as high as possible to the chest, and then turn slightly, as if trying to touch them right shoulder.

Return to the starting position and repeat with the right leg. Follow all the repetitions without a break.

5. The woodcutter

It can be done with the dumbbell or any other weight, but you can experiment with other exercises with the weights, they are very effective in burning calories. If not, then try the exercises with weights for weight loss all over the body.

  1. Previous start with the standing position, holding a dumbbell or weight in the chest area.
  2. Then, slowly rotate your trunk to one side, at the same time, squat, squat.
  3. Reach dumbbells to the outside of the ankle in sitting.
  4. Then stand and rotate the trunk to the other side, raising hands with dumbbells above the head. The movement should be like a lumberjack cutting wood.

6. The sidebar on the elbow with elevation of the pelvis

  1. Take the lateral position of the belt at the elbows, one leg put over the other.
  2. Lift the pelvis of the earth and to keep the body straight on the same line.
  3. It is necessary to stretch the abdominal muscles and buttocks and keep them that way throughout the movement.
  4. Slowly slide and lift the hips toward the floor, keeping your body straight.

7. The climber

  1. Take the posture of push-ups, keep your body straight.
  2. Bend the left leg at the knee and place the right elbow.
  3. Replace the knee again and immediately perform the same action with the right leg.

8. The sidebar with the deviation of the hands at the side

  1. Take the lateral position of the belt, the elbow must be below shoulder, with one foot on top of the second.
  2. Lift the pelvis of the ground and straighten the body.
  3. Raise your hand up and down his body to the back.
  4. Slowly return to the starting position.

9. The push ups from "spider-Man"

  1. Take the posture of push-ups.
  2. Earlier start to lower the chest towards the ground, and the left leg was turned, bent at the knee, and make sure that the elbow.
  3. Return to the starting position and repeat the movement with the other leg.

10. Strap with curves

  1. Take the position of the strap on the elbows, elbows in line with shoulders, the body mipramine, with the feet together.
  2. Slowly, take the lateral position of the belt, when lifting the hand up, allowing the feet to rotate along with the body.
  3. At the end point of the movement, pause and then slowly return to the starting position and turn the head to the other side.

11. The little mermaid

  1. You must lie on your side and fold the legs together, feet on the base of the foot.
  2. Place the hand behind the head.
  3. Then, lift the soles of the feet and the trunk upwards, without lifting the sugar arm that is lying down, of the earth.
  4. Tighten the muscles of the press, before sinking slowly back to earth.

12. Crab catwalk with the Mahi hands

  1. To adopt the position of the bridge, supporting the hands and feet on the floor, lift your hips off the floor.
  2. Lift the hips further up, the right hand, lift it up and press on the left side.
  3. Allow the body to rotate with the hand.
  4. Return to the starting position, do the same thing on the right side with the left hand.

13. Rotate the trunk with the rubber

  1. For this exercise you will need an elastic rubber, articulated around chest height.
  2. Keep your arms in front of chest, hold the lever of the chewing gum.
  3. Then, pull the rubber, turning the trunk to the wall, tighten the muscles of the press, the legs remain immobile.
  4. Return to the starting position and repeat with the other side.

14. Rotate the trunk on the fitball.

  1. Place the top back on the fitball, bend your knees and place it on the ground.
  2. In stretched upwards, hands can hold a dumbbell or a ball.
  3. Then, slowly previous to spin stretched upwards, hands and the torso from one side to the other.
  4. Tighten the muscles of the abdomen and the buttocks when making turns.

15. Bench Press With Palapa

  1. Attach the elastic support of rubber in the level of the abdomen.
  2. Take the handle in hand and press to the height of the chest, stretching his hand forward. Feet shoulder-width apart.
  3. Tighten the muscles of the abdominals and buttocks and tighten the rubber itself. Knees slightly bent, your trunk direct.
  4. Stretch your arms forward and repeat the movement.

16. Belt with shots of the hands of the feet

  1. To adopt the position of push-ups, hands on the same level as your shoulders, with feet together.
  2. Based on the left leg, bring right to left, and press the soles of the feet with the left hand.
  3. Hold this position for a second and put the foot and the hand in place.
  4. Do the same with the left foot and the right hand.

#6. Try circular high intensity training

The best way to use the strength training and exercises to burn fat in the abdomen and sides it is your structuring in the circular training.

And this is so for several reasons:

  • The increase in calorie burn and metabolic effect;
  • Reinforcement of the circulation of the blood, the beating of the heart and the national liberation of catecholamines;
  • Short and intense workouts to maximize the efficiency of use of time;
  • To tone and develop the muscles of fat burning.

Here is a small but effective, Bosu-training with complex exercises folds to the sides, lower back and abdomen. Just complete the first cycle non-stop for 10 minutes, relax for 2-3 minutes, then move on to cycle 2 and continue for 10 minutes.

It is painful, hard style workout of 20 minutes, but in any case, it will bring results.

Cycle #1

The order of Exercises The repetition of the
A1 Chin-ups 10
A2 The cup match in squat 10
A3 Pushups 10
A4 do 10

Cycle #2

The order of Exercises The repetition of the
A1 Mahi weighs 10
A2 Push horizontal a block of 10
A3 Squats with the bar 10
A4 Army bench press 10


At first sight it may seem that the of the folds at the sides, in the lower part of the abdomen and the back is not so easy to get rid of it. An effective plan for training, knowledge of the physiological processes of the body fat loss, good nutrition is the key to the achievement of beautiful, slender waist that you can be proud of.

Don't forget to take these folds will only be possible when to decrease the total percentage of fat in the body.

Now, when you know everything, is the time to act and get the desired results.