Healthy diet

healthy diet to lose weight

When you decide to go on a diet to say goodbye to the extra pounds, you must remember: any diet is stressful for the body. And many wonder: are diets good?

Healthy diet to lose weight

How to choose the right diet so as not to harm the body and at the same time lose weight effectively? A healthy diet to lose weight must, above all, be safe, balanced in essential nutrients and enriched with vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, most novel diets do not adhere to this principle and therefore cannot be followed for long.

By studying numerous diets, scientists have concluded that the healthiest food for those who want to lose weight is an easily digestible low-calorie, low-fat, low-carbohydrate diet. With insufficient intake of fats from abroad, the body begins to receive energy, breaking down its own adipose tissue. If the energy expenditure increases even more, for example, by exercising, then the weight loss process will be even faster. But no really healthy diet for our body requires a total rejection of fats! We also need them, such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins. Instead of refractory animal fats, it is necessary to use vegetable oils, limiting their consumption to the lower limit of the physiological norm.

A healthy weight loss diet also means reducing the amount of easily digestible carbohydrates (confectionery, chocolate, sweets, sugar, etc. ) in the diet.

The healthiest foods

Any diet should be based not only on low-calorie foods, but also the healthiest ones. These include:

  • Low-fat meat and fish. Are diets healthy if these foods are fried? Of course not. They should be eaten boiled or fried on a rack without using fat;
  • Thick bread;
  • Fruits, vegetables;
  • It is allowed to use various mushrooms in food;
  • Low-fat dairy products and fermented dairy products;
  • Weak tea and coffee.

Foods to avoid in a healthy diet:

  • Fatty meat and fish;
  • Multiple sausages;
  • Walnuts;
  • Spawn;
  • Minimize your consumption of chocolate and sugar;
  • Fatty dairy products, spicy cheeses.

Karl Lagerfield's healthy diet

Karl Lagerfield diet

The healthiest foods in the diet can help some people lose weight significantly. This, of course, also allows the body to improve its overall health. For example, a healthy diet helped the famous German photographer and fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld shed not only 42 kg of excess weight in 13 months, but also an impressive list of chronic diseases. After such a useful diet for weight loss, she felt she had the right to share her experience with others and wrote a book. In it, he outlined the principles of nutrition that enabled him to achieve such an excellent result. The healthiest foods recommended by them for consumption:

  • Various types of seafood and lean fish;
  • Dietary meat: horse meat, rabbit, beef;
  • Mineral water at least 1 liter per day;
  • Superior quality oils and fats. Take vegetable oil with caution, no more than 3 tablespoons. per day;
  • Milk and cottage cheese must be low in fat;
  • Thick bread;
  • All vegetables are allowed, but must be steamed, boiled or baked.

What Karl Lagerfeld advises against while eating a healthy diet:

  • Fatty cheeses;
  • Dried beans;
  • Remove the cherries, grapes, bananas and figs from the fruits.

Karl Lagerfield advises that healthy diets consume sweeteners instead of sugar.

Additional advice from Karl Lagerfeld

According to the author of this healthier nutrition system, protein supplements should be included in the diet. One pack contains the daily dose of proteins and amino acids, including essential ones.

Benefits of healthy diets

A healthy diet does not pose any particular problem in menu design. Also, if you combine a healthy diet to lose weight with physical activity, the extra kilos not only disappear quickly, but they also do not return.

The search for the healthiest food should be the norm for every sane person. After all, a healthy diet, if you constantly follow it, will solve the problems not only with excess weight, but also with health. Normalization of weight, metabolism, improvement of the functions of the musculoskeletal system and the cardiovascular system - all this is the end result of any system of the most correct nutrition.

It is also important that a healthy diet allows you to get rid of excess weight gradually, without exposing the body to stress, without causing an exacerbation of chronic diseases, without leading to the development of depressive conditions.