How to lose weight fast at home: 10 tips on nutrition, exercise and medicine

Slimmest girl measures her waist

Almost everyone looking to lose weight wants to lose weight quickly, preferably at home, so as not to spend money on expensive gym memberships and special nutrition programs. Each person's metabolism is individual, but there really are emergency weight loss methods. Not all are approved by doctors, so it is important to consider all the pros and cons of the methods.

1. Drinking diet

One of the strictest diets is called "Drinking". Completely exclude all solid foods, even completely harmless, low-calorie fruits and vegetables. It allows you to lose 7-10 kg at home, but it is quite difficult for the body to tolerate.

The diet rules for drinking are:

  1. Solid foods are completely excluded. Semi-liquid foods such as shakes are accepted.
  2. At the same time, to lose weight 10 kg or more in two to three weeks, exclude fatty broths, soups and even too sweet fruits.
  3. The basis of a diet to lose weight at home are green vegetables, non-nutritious fruits, coffee with milk without sugar is allowed, milk has no more than 2% fat, tea and water without restrictions.
  4. Drink at least 3 liters of liquid in total per day.

Those who have tried the technique report that it is possible to lose 10 kg in a short period: from a week to a month, depending on the initial body weight. Doctors disapprove of such a regimen, remembering that the stomach needs solid food, and with this method of rapid weight loss, metabolism and intestinal function deteriorate.

Slimming cucumbers

2. Cucumber mono-diet

Cucumber is a "negative calorie" vegetable. One hundred grams contains only 20 kcal, which makes it an ideal product for those who want to lose 5 kg at home in a week or more. There are no fats or carbohydrates in a cucumber dish with no added additives, just water and fiber.

Monodiet provides:

  1. You can eat up to two kilograms of vegetables a day.
  2. In addition to cucumbers, it is advisable to eat celery, other green leafy vegetables, also with a "negative" calorie content.
  3. Once a day, it is allowed to eat steamed chicken breast without salt.
  4. You can drink coffee and tea without sugar or milk.

On a diet, be sure to drink water, at least 2 liters per day. The diet is quite heavy, since cucumbers almost do not saturate the body, you can quickly lose weight, but the weight is almost certain to return if you later adhere to the old regimen.

3. Fasting

A total refusal to eat, and sometimes water, refers more to healing practices than to methods to lose weight quickly. "Dry" fasting is not possible for more than one day, with humidity, up to seven days. It is quite possible to lose weight by a maximum of 10 kg and at least 5 kg per week. However, on the first day, up to two kilograms are needed due to excess fluid and not actual weight.

The technique promotes the elimination of toxins, it is useful for people with chronic pancreatitis and liver diseases: it allows the digestive tract to rest. Doctors do not consider fasting to be an unequivocally harmful way to lose weight quickly and only remember the restrictions for:

  • pregnant and lactating;
  • people with diabetes;
  • children and adolescents under the age of 18;
  • patients with chronic gastritis, ulcers.

Fasting is not contraindicated for adults and healthy people in general, although doctors recommend starting not with a week, but with a daily diet. The "dry" mode is not shown to anyone.

4. Intermittent fasting

In contrast to the total rejection of food, here is the theory that the ancestors of modern man did not eat three times a day, but gorged themselves when they found some food. Intermittent fasting involves a total refusal of food for 16 or 24 hours, and then you can eat almost without restrictions, but only for 2 hours before the next interval.

The method is neither simple nor a diet for the lazy, because it ideally involves interval training. These exercises are designed to mimic the behavior of a primitive man who was forced to hunt or search for edible plants, roots, and fruits. On intermittent fasting, you can lose weight in 2 months by 8-12 kg. It is advisable to combine with exercises.

Buckwheat for weight loss

5. Buckwheat diet

Another dietary option that nutritionists are almost positive about, because following the rules for a short time will not bring health to the body. The only condition is the absence of allergies or intolerance to buckwheat itself, as well as kefir.

This is one of the diets for lazy people, the preparation of "meals" is very simple:

  • buckwheat - steamed and boiled in water, without salt;
  • kefir - up to one liter, fat content not more than 1%;
  • lots of water, green tea.

Buckwheat is very useful, it contains almost all the necessary complex of vitamins and minerals. It is recommended to completely abandon salt in a diet, so you can not adhere to it for a long period, but you can quickly lose weight up to 10 kg per week. The grains are well saturated, so it is not difficult to bear the restrictions, with the exception of psychological difficulties due to a monotonous diet.

6. Kefir diet

This method will help you lose weight successfully in a short period. There are several options for a kefir-based diet, all of them help to improve the health of the body, to get rid of excess weight without interfering with metabolic processes - or rather, on the contrary, to accelerate it and not to slow it down, such asThis is the case with many other restrictive diets. The hardest kefir mono-diet is allowed only for three days.

Then add to the fermented milk drink:

  1. Apples, vegetables, fruits: no more than 100 grams per day, as they are sweet and contain a lot of fructose.
  2. Slow carbohydrates: cereals such as oatmeal. It cleanses the intestines well and also helps to speed up the metabolism.
  3. Protein foods: lean fish, chicken, meat, eggs.

The kefir diet helps to lose weight in the stomach thanks to a mild laxative effect. It is recommended to alternate "full" days with fasting days, when only one drink is consumed. You can observe this regimen for two weeks, a month or even more, gradually expanding the range of allowed products. It is advisable to completely abandon only fast carbohydrates, fast food, sugary drinks and alcohol.

7. High protein diet and exercise

Protein foods for weight loss

There are special rations for athletes, bodybuilders. They combine at the same time a fairly high caloric content due to protein products and intense training. This option can not be called a diet for the lazy, but not only fat is burned, but also a muscular frame is built, the body becomes stronger.

The diet includes:

  1. Red meat without fat.
  2. Egg white, walnuts, cottage cheese.
  3. Lots of low-starch vegetables, that is, everything is possible without restrictions, except potatoes.
  4. Fruits are allowed, except grapes and bananas.
  5. Slow carbohydrates are allowed as an energy source.

Professional athletes add special protein shakes to gain muscle mass, you can lose weight without changing muscles. Be sure to drink water to lose weight, and workouts should take at least 2 hours three to four times a week, including strength and cardio. It is not necessary to go to the gym, you can lose weight at home, using the available sports equipment and following the recommendations of coaches, for example, in Internet videos.

8. "Minus sixty" system

This is the author's technique, named after the number of kilograms the inventor lost. It is not really a diet, but a way of eating: all foods are allowed, only fast carbohydrates and fats should not exceed 150 grams per day, and all should be taken at breakfast. For lunch, protein means, and for dinner, a light vegetable salad. Exercise is desirable, but does not require a visit to fitness rooms, minimal walking, jogging, dancing are enough. The advantage of the technique is that it is psychologically easy to tolerate, because there is no prohibition even on cakes and burgers if you eat a small amount and at a certain time.

9. Pharmacy drugs and SPA procedures

By themselves, neither the medications nor the SPA procedures will help you lose weight quickly, but they activate the metabolism and accelerate a process already started. All the drugs that actually help you lose weight are prescription drugs, so it is difficult to obtain them without a doctor's permission.

We must not forget that taking the most effective drug is allowed only in case of clinical obesity, that is, with a BMI value greater than 30, although in practice it is prescribed for people with a BMI of 35 or more.

The drug cannot be used if you need to lose five to ten kilograms "for the summer" or simply "to fit into your favorite jeans. "It has many side effects. Of course, the drugs do not exclude the need to follow a diet.

Another way to properly lose weight and improve body condition are SPA procedures and myostimulation. The methods are additional, which do not exclude the need to normalize nutrition, but will help to remove cellulite and local fat deposits. Massages, SPA treatments, wraps are comfortable and enjoyable.

10. Proper nutrition

This is not a way to lose weight quickly at home, but it is ideal for health, it allows you to follow a regimen for years, lose weight up to 10 kg in a month at first, continue to lose weight and maintain the weight. The basic principle is the balance of calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates. There are no unequivocal prohibitions, although it is recommended to completely abandon:

  • store baked goods - you can make your own at home, where there will be no palm oil and other harmful additives;
  • mayonnaise;
  • fast food;
  • of alcoholic beverages, you can leave dry red and white wine no more than 200 ml. in the week.

Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle mean simple exercise - half an hour a day. It can be jogging, brisk walking, or playing sports at home. The technique does not promise instant and "miraculous" weight loss, but it is much easier to force yourself to follow a tasty and healthy diet than complex diets, doing sports in moderation does not cause discomfort, and the body over time normalizes metabolism, eliminatestoxins and harmful substances. Thanks to an integrated approach, not only is weight reduced, but the general condition of the body is also improved.